Monday, January 28, 2013

The history of the Peugeot Poissy site-in cycling jerseys. Part two, Talbot

In 1978, along came Peugeot who had bought Chryslers european business. Initially the Simcas were rebadged as Talbots and were produced at Poissy until the mid 1980s. Peugeot continued the Simca brand until 1980 and still owns the name. Peugeot had intended to run with three brands, with Citroen and Talbot being produced on the same platforms as Peugeots in order to keep down costs but the Talbot brand never really caught on and in 1986 the last of the line was made.
Attempts were made to continue the brand and a replacement to the Horizon was designed, but after initially being postponed it eventually saw light of day as the new Peugeot 309.
More importantly (?!) it is clear that the cycling club kept going and became the Talbot Poissy team, seen here in another classic late 70s early 80s jersey.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The history of the Peugeot Poissy site - in cycling jerseys! Part one, Chrysler

I've recently been given three vintage cycling jerseys by a local ex semi-pro who also worked for over forty years at the Peugeot Poissy site, which happens to be where I spent my first few years after arriving in France. 
The Poissy site, north west of Paris in the Yvelines department was commissioned  by Ford in 1937 and opened in 1940, weeks before the German invasion. I sadly don't have a Ford jersey, if such a thing ever existed, nor do I have a Simca jersey, to whom Ford sold the plant in 1954. For a time Poissy was home to Simca's only significant manufacturing plant. 
In 1963 the site was again sold, this time to Chrysler who'd had acquired a controlling interest in Simca. 
This is where the jerseys come in because I have a very nice, dark blue 'Chrysler France' jersey. I'm not sure of what year it is from but the buttoned down rear pockets and Chryslers history in France points to sometime between 1963 and 1979, with my guess being the early seventies. 
France being a cycling mad country, it's hardly surprising that there have been cycling clubs linked to the site for many years. There are still a huge range of sports organized by Peugeot at the site, many of them centering around an impressive sports stadium that i believe was built during the Chrysler days. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

France Loire bike back together

I've only really given the bike a good clean and polish. With a lick of paint and new stickers it would be as new but i quite like the patina of age.

France Loire bike after a bit of TLC

The pedal bearings were quite stiff, but it turned out just that the grease had hardened over time. They were in top condition and now run like a dream.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old France Loire bike

This is an old France Loire that I bought the other week. I bought it from the original owners son who let me have bill of sale from 1980 for 2500 francs.
France Loire were part of the Jacques Anquetil and St Etienne Cycles group of bikes that were make in St Etienne up until the early 1990s. This town was somewhat of a hub of cycle manufacture with the likes of Mafac also from the area. The bike is fully equipped with Campagnolo Gran Sport.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SKY Rapha kit

Leaked today, but revealed officially on Friday, the new SKY kit, created by Rapha.

 The iconic British brand has replaced Adidas but the style hasn't changed much. Already SKY had one of the most original, though very simple, designs in the peloton and Rapha's look is very much inline with that philosophy. The only real Rapha signature is the single band on the left hand sleeve, which is repeated on the leg of the shorts and down the rear of the jersey. The white rear panel seems to have disappeared all together.